Safety Guide

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The basic and foremost safety tip for every bicycle rider is – always wear a helmet. The helmet must be of adequate size and properly put on before the ride starts. Helmet also needs to be without any structural or visual damages, which needs to be checked prior to getting on the bike. The bike’s basic functions need to operate flawless – braking system (yep, you’re gonna need them brakes, alright) and the drivetrain system (this is what converts your pedaling into speed) which is to be checked prior to starting a ride. We also recommend you get familiar with the bike such as adjusting the saddle height, checking out how the shifting works…


Always ride with your head up, pay attention to other riders, and keep a safe distance. Use your hands to signal – a turn, a stop, an obstacle. Most of our rides are off-road, so keep a lookout on the environment. Don’t ride with earphones or any other device that might prevent you from hearing. Listen to your environment to help avoid any potentially dangerous situation. Do not text or use mobile devices while riding. If you want to take a photo just call it out to the group and we’ll make a stop. If the ride takes you on the public road, obey the traffic laws – always keep to the right and respect all road signs. During the night or if visibility’s low always put on headlight and taillight. You will be more noticeable to other cyclists and traffic participants


  • Always wear a helmet
  • Always test the brakes and the drivetrain prior to starting a ride and whether tires are properly inflated
  • Respect other cyclists and use hands for signaling 
  • Pay attention to the environment 
  • If you find yourself on the public road respect the traffic laws
  • If there’s low visibility or during night always have a white headlight and red taillight turned on

At all our rides you’re provided with a helmet, a pre-checked fully functional bicycle, a repair tool kit with a spare tire and a set of lights. You will also be fully briefed on safety by our bike guides prior to starting a ride.

If you stick to the above simple rules, your bike adventure will be safe and enjoyable!