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All these things are included in the mountain bike tour price:

✓ High quality aluminum frame mountain bike (27.5’’ Scott Aspect Mountain Bike). You can explore more details specs by clicking here

✓ Ride from and back to your accommodation in Belgrade in comfortable 7-seaters equipped with air condition and complimentary WiFi for your convenience

✓ Exciting destinations on some of the best nature and tourist attractions in Serbia

✓ Experienced bike guide

✓ INFINITE supply of water/sports drinks and high energy snacks (peanuts and granola bars).

✓ Helmet, backpack and safety equipment. Pedals of your choice (alu-flats or Shimano SPD)

✓ Lunch at a local restaurant (Full Day Tours only)

All above means from the time you leave your accommodation until we bring you back, all transportation, snack, water and non-alcoholic beverages, is included. Permits, licenses and park fees, are also included, along with at least one of our bike guides, a mobile first aid and mechanic kit (tubes, tools, etc.). We don’t want you to bonk in the forest so we provide infinite supply of snacks.

Please note that the product differs for Belgrade City Tour, and you can find all details on this tour’s page.

The ride routes will vary and will depend on the fitness level of the cyclists and weather conditions.  We will cater the experience to meet your needs.  Rides can be leisurely to adventurous. Just let us know on your preferences.

This website provides full details of each destination. If you still have questions, call us at +38163622914 (standard rates apply) or contact us and we’d be happy to discuss our adventures with you!

In general, the tours are available from 1 April to 1 November, however the weather can be quite nice as early as mid-March up until the New Years. For mountain bike tours we have both morning (7-12) and afternoon (14-19) tours available for our half day tours, and 8am to 6pm for full day tours.

Belgrade City Tour starts at 10.30am.

These timings can be adjusted for bookings before 1 April and after 1 November.

All of our bike tours are customized for the group, but typically last between 1 to 3 hours for half day tours and 4-6 hours for full day tours, depending on the skill level and preference of the riders.

You can book your spot on a Ride by clicking ‘Book Now’ on any page or by clicking here.

This is the best part. For Mountain bike tours we’ll take you there! This means we’ll pick you up at the location (address) designated in the booking, we’ll take you to the desired destination, and after the bike ride is finished we’ll take you back!

Please note we only accept pick up locations (addresses) within the the city of Belgrade for all destinations, or within Novi Sad for Fruška Gora bookings only.

This only applies for mountain bike tours. For Belgrade City Tours hotel pick up is charged separately.

Each specific tour group typically ranges between two to six cyclists. Also we limit all of our trips to 12 customers. Please note we will group cyclists of similar abilities to ensure everyone has a great Adventure!

We are equipped to handle large private and corporate groups as well, please see our Private/Corporate Trips section for more information.

For mountain bike tours our bike guides will pick you up at a location designated in your booking (which can be a hotel or other accommodation, or just a location of your choice in Belgrade (or Novi Sad for Fruška Gora). Please plan on being dressed, ready to ride and then we will head out to the location to start our tour. We have two pick-up times (+-15 mins): 7am for morning tour and 2pm for afternoon tour for half day tours and 8am for full day tours. Occasionally customers want to take their own vehicle to run to the store or check out a local sight- not a problem, just let us know while making a reservation!

Please note that this only applies for our mountain bike tours. Hotel pick up for Belgrade City Tour is charged separately

Our tours are designed for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert. When making your online reservation, fill in your riding ability (you can just type beginner, intermediate, advanced ot professional) to plan a tour to fit your riding level.

It is important to remember that the more prepared you are for a tour, the more fun you will have and the further you will be able to go. Also some of the locations (e.g. Fruška Gora) have very technically difficult sections where most riders walk their bikes. Some, like Obedska Bara and Zasavica, are smooth and flat and aren’t technical at all. The better your tech skills, however, the more you’ll enjoy what we have to offer!

Of course you can, as we have tracks for beginner cyclists as well. All you really need to know is how to ride a bike and we promise you an adventure!

There are no restrictions on advanced bookings, just please note that there is a possibility that tours are fully booked closer you get to the desired date and also note the booking cutoff time of 3pm Belgrade local time for the following calendar day morning tours.

You can book a tour any time in advance, however if you book for tomorrow morning (7am pickup), the cutoff is 3pm Belgrade local time. That means if you want to book a ride that is starting on the morning the next calendar day, you are able to do that up until 3pm on that day. You will not be able to book for the next calendar day morning tour after 3pm. There are no restriction for afternoon tours (pickup 2pm). The reason for that is so we can adequately prepare for your ride and provide an excellent service which all of you deserve!

Our cancellation policy is listed within our Terms and Conditions, but in short:

100% refund 30 days in advance

80% refund 29-20 days in advance

50% refund 19-7 days in advance

0% refund less than 7 days in advance

To cancel a ride please call us us at +38163622914 (standard rates apply) or contact us

We require our customers to be minimum 18 years old.  If you’re coming on a trip with your parent or legal guardian, then you have to be minimum 16 years old.

For your mountain bike tours we provide delicious and healthy locally produced granola bars and salty peanuts. The food is super energetic and will give you the drive required for up to 3 hours bike ride, on all terrains. You are also welcome to bring your own food. We’ll provide you with a backpack to store it.

We will also provide you with water and isotonic drinks for you to be properly hydrated during your ride.

Please note the above applies to our mountain bike tours. There are no snacks provided for Belgrade City Tour

Yes, Gift Certificates are very popular. Please call us at +38163622914 (standard rates apply) or contact us and we’ll happily share all options with you.

We understand that some of our customers want to ride their own bikes instead of our incredible Scott’s. Not a problem!  For customers not utilizing our bikes, we offer a €5 discount on the price of your trip. To take advantage of this discount, please use NOBIKE coupon code while making your reservation.

Please note that there are some minimum requirements your bike needs to adhere to. The bike needs to be technically sound, fit for the planned location. Brakes need to work properly, brake pads not worn out. Steering needs to work. Both tires need to be correctly inflated. Our guide will inspect your bike prior to mounting it on our vehicle, and has a discretionary right not to accept it, based on the previous criteria. All of that is for your own safety and safety of other members at your tour. Also please note you will be supplied with tools and hand pump if a defect happens, however all our spare tires are 27.5″” mtb tires and may not fit your wheel.

Please note the above applies to our mountain bike tours. There is no possibility to bring your own bike for Belgrade City Tour

Yes, all of our Returning Riders receive 5% off return bookings for our mountain bike tours. To get the discount code please call us us at +38163622914 (standard rates apply) or contact us

Tipping is not included in the price of your tour. Our bike guides will do their best to make sure every tour is unique and special; if you have a great time, feel free to tip the guides for their efforts. There is no pressure to tip, however; we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to tip and on appropriate amount.

Generally, it depends on the time of the year. As you will ride up to 3 hours we advise you dress comfortable, sports clothing and if possible dress in layers so you can remove them or put them back on as you feel the need. Also bear in mind our locations are outside of the city and will most likely be a couple of degrees colder than Belgrade. Of course, to enjoy your ride you don’t need to dress like a Tour de France rider, with the fancy (and expensive) bike clothing. We also advise you bring some sunglasses, they’ll come in handy not just for the sun but also to protect your eyes from the environment.

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather (we’ve kinda lost HAARP remote control). If the weather is bad for part of the tour, we’ll do our best to find an asphalt road or an area where the trails are rideable. If the entire tour is going to be a wash, we’ll attempt to change the location if possible. You’re welcome to join us for that trip, or you can rebook on any available tour the rest of the year. If your travel plans won’t allow rescheduling, we’ll refund you 100%.

Your safety is our priority number one! We take it very seriously and our bike guides are adequately skilled and trained to provide you with all information and take care of you as soon as you enter our vehicle. Before you begin your ride you will get a safety briefing together with a bike specific briefing, if necessary (e.g. how to steer, brake, shift gears, use the suspension fork, etc.). You can find all this information upfront on our Safety Guide page

Not to worry. Our solo riders tell us the best part of our tours is being able to travel solo and meet lots of great people from around the world, so there are no minimum required rides for half day tours. However please note that a surcharge of EUR 15 will be applied for solo riders. Full day tours have a minimum of 2 riders required.

The above applies to mountain bike tours only. There are no minimum number of riders required for Belgrade City Tour

Yes, we arrange custom trips all the time. We can offer a custom departure for groups of 5 or more (or fewer riders, but the per-person price will go up substantially for fewer than 5 riders, as you will be charged with 5 rides as minimum). Check out the details here and contact us and we’ll help you plan your dream ride!

Yes! Our local staff on the ground know the regions where they guide intimately and can offer suggestions and advice on what to do and where to stay before or after your tour. Feel free to ask them or reach out to us at +38163622914 (standard rates apply) or contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

All of our bike  guides are locals who live, work and play in the regions where they guide. They are some of the friendliest, most professional bike guides you’ll meet in the industry and take great pride in showing you the awesome riding and culture of their home region. Their local knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion are your ticket to an unforgettable experience.

We guarantee all our bikes are completely technically sound. We maintain that by daily pre-ride and post-ride bike checks, performed by our technical staff. However, defects are possible to happen on our bike tours, as we ride off-road on terrain with trees, rocks, roots, etc. Getting a flat tire is no biggie. All our bikes are equipped with a spare tube together with some first aid tools and a small portable pump, and our experienced bike guides will be happy to replace the flat. Other defects that may happen such as chain drop or derailleur not hitting the gears – those are no biggie as well and will be fixed in matter of minutes. For major defects – such as wheel or frame brake, we will unfortunately not be able to fix it on spot and would need to terminate your ride for safety reasons.

Yes, you can. We do rent out our fabulous SCOTT Aspect 700 mountain bikes, price is €25 for 1 day, €45 for 2 days, €70 eur 3 days. If your request includes more than 1 bike and more than 3 days discounts apply. You get it delivered to your address in Belgrade, and we pick it up from there when you’re finished with your own ride. Contact us for more details to arrange the rental