– This tour is available every day as a half day tour (tour duration is between 5 and 6 hours)

– Pick up times are between 7am and 8pm for morning tour (once your booking is confirmed we will let you know the exact time for pick up at your address) and 2pm for afternoon tour

– Our bike guides will pick you up, take you to the location and drive you back

– No minimum number of riders required

– Price is €69.70 per person for half day rides. A surcharge of €45 will be applied for solo riders

– Tour is designed for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert

This special nature’s reserve is one of the major wildlife refuges and one of the last authentically preserved wetlands in Serbia. Located some 90km North-East of Belgrade, several kilometers across the Sava river and just south of the city Sremska Mitrovica it holds vast wildlife, both plants and animals.

Your ride will start in the exceptional natural environment, on a large pasture with a viewpoint on Zasavica pond. The colorful shift of forests, wet meadows, wide shores and the water itself, the richness of plant and animal species, offers rare, attractive and unique experience to every rider. On your way you’ll meet some of Zasavica’s special residents – Balkan donkey, Mangulica (only surviving autochthonous Serbian breed of pig) and Podolian cattle. If you’re lucky enough you’ll come across beaver’s settlement, who were successfully reintroduced in Zasavica in the 2000s, after being extinct for more than 100 years. There are several paths to take – Valjevac or Šumareva Ćuprija, but wherever you go the place will bring that sense in you on just how it feels to return to nature.

After you return from your ride, you can take a break at the visitors’ center, whihc is the central tourist site at the reserve. A wooden construction was built with an 18 meters high tower which overlooks a 300 ha meadow and the widest and most beautiful part of Zasavica stream. This facility also has a souvenir shop and a Beaver’s Inn, where you can taste local specialties. Zasavica is also the place where world’d most expensive cheese is being made – pule chesee, made out of donkey’s milk, which costs around $1,000 per kilogram!