Stari Slankamen

Stari Slankamen




– This tour is available every day as a half day tour (tour duration is between 5 and 6 hours)

– Pick up times are between 7am and 8pm for morning tour (once your booking is confirmed we will let you know the exact time for pick up at your address) and 2pm for afternoon tour

– Our bike guides will pick you up, take you to the location and drive you back

– No minimum number of riders required

– Price is €69.70 per person for half day rides. A surcharge of €45 will be applied for solo riders

– Tour is designed for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert

Located by the Danube, some 60km north of Belgrade, just off the Fruška Gora. The name itself means “salty stone” and the area is famous for its spas, fish specialties, wine and beautiful beaches on the Danube. You will start your ride next to the colorful win-yards, overlooking the impressive Danube and dominating the area.

Settled first by the Celts, then the Romans who build fortifications there, and finally the Slavs, the area is famous for the Battle of Slankamen, fought between the Ottomans and Holy Roman Empire in 1691. A 16-meter obelisk was built to commemorate the victory of the Imperial army, in a battle that ultimately stopped Ottoman invasion of Europe. You will ride pass the obelisk, reading the verses of Serbian poet Jovan Jovanović Zmaj inscribed in the monument. The path will then take you downhill towards the settlement, and straight to remains of the Roman fortress Acumincum. The path will then take you further down to water spring Slanača, known for its health benefits. You can ride even further, or take a walk and visit a marina on the Danube. Taking a break at one of the restaurants and tasting an exquisite fish soup is something we warmly recommend.