Carska Bara

Carska Bara




– Pick up times are between 7am and 8pm for morning tour (once your booking is confirmed we will let you know the exact time for pick up at your address) and 2pm for afternoon tour

– Our bike guides will pick you up, take you to the location and drive you back

– No minimum number of riders required

– Price is €69.70 per person for half day rides. A surcharge of €45 will be applied for solo riders

– Tour is designed for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert

Carska Bara, meaning the Imperial Pond is the largest individual pond in Serbia. It is located in Banat, some 70km north of Belgrade, just south of city of Zrenjanin. Legend says notorious Atilla the Hun (5th century king of the Hunnic Empire) was buried in the pond with great treasure, and pond’s name reflect that. Another story says the name “Imperial” came from the fact the pond used to be a hunting ground for Austro-Hungarian emperors.

With its extremely rich ecosystem and special biodiversity, with some 240 bird species, biking in this authentic “mosaic” network of ponds, rivers, channels, wetlands, steppe and forest ecosystems, represents an exceptional experience. Entire system consists of three smaller, connected ponds (Carska, Perleska and Tiganjica) and our tour will take you to all of them. The ground is flat, so the tour is attractive even for beginner bikers.

Please note in order not to disturb birds the pond authorities do not allow bike riding directly by the Pond, so we will go around it and next to it, enjoying the spectacular biodiversity of the area. You can always park your bike at the entrance, and take a walk inside the park, on the marked pathways, or take a boat ride. There are also a couple of very nice restaurants in the vicinity for taking a brake. Our tour will also take you to the nearby Castle Ečka, built in the 1820.