Rtanj and Sokobanja

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Project Description


Amazing bike tour and an adventure at the mysterious pyramidal Rtanj mountain and the oldest spa town in Serbia!

Rtanj is a mountain and a special nature’s reserve in Eastern Serbia, some 200km south from Belgrade and is known for its pyramidal shape. According to local legend, a wizard’s castle was situated at the mountain top, full of riches, and the mountain has since been a target of treasure hunters. It is also believed that the mountain emits a type of energy beneficial to human heath,

For some, the pyramidal shape of the mountain is due to it containing an alien pyramid emitting mystical energies. Many people have flocked here prior to the predicted 2012 Mayan Doomsday, believing it will protect them. The mountain is also known for rare healing herbs that grow here, which make widely known ‘rtanj tea’. Due to its beauty, mysticism and many legends, it attracts not only tourists, but also scientists and adventurers, year after year.

We will start our bike ride in a village at the foothill of Rtanj. We will bike around 10-15km, enjoying fresh air and views, and after a break leave our bikes and start the hike to Šiljak (Rtanj’s peak at 1,565m), of some 4-5km. We’ll have lunch at the mountain top, by the ruins of a small chapel, enjoying the incredible view. After lunch we’ll hike back to our bikes, and bike back to our cars. The total distance covered by bike would be 20-25km, and by foot 8-10km. We’ll then get into the cars and drive to our accommodation at Sokobanja.

Sokobanja, set between two mountains (Ozren and Rtanj) holding both air and thermal spa, is the oldest spa and one of the most popular tourist resort in Serbia. What’s makes Sokobanja an ideal spa destination is beneficial influence of continental climate, high concentration of oxygen, absence of air pollution, small number of foggy and windy days, and the presence of specific elements in the air and oligomineral waters, beneficial for asthma, respiratory infections and allergies.

After dinner, we’ll do an evening walk through Sokobanja and see some of the landmarks including the Residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović, built in the 19th century as well as the ‘hamam’, an old Turkish bath, from the 16th century, built on the remains of Roman bath.

In the morning, after breakfast, we’ll leave our accommodation and head to a popular picnic area Lepterija and Soko Grad, remains of a medieval fortress. We’ll enjoy the hike by the beautiful river Moravica and climb to the fortress walls. After a break, we’ll get into our cars which will take us to the spot where we’ll start our biking. The biking will be a round trail, going through edges of Sokobanja basin, by mountains Ozren and Rtanj, going through villages and visiting local landmarks – including a remains of Roman fortress in the village of Vrmdža and a 19th century watermill (still operating) in the village of Jošanica. We’ll have our lunch in the area and finish the biking where we started, completing the round trail of some 40km in total.

We’ll then get into our cars and leave for Belgrade, arriving in the evening, full of great memories from this amazing place and our tour!



-This tour is multi day and available every day

-Our bike guides will pick you up, take you to the location and drive you back

Day I

– Pick up in Belgrade at 8am

– Drive to the destination 2.5h

– Bike on Mt. Rtanj with hike to mountain peak (1,565m)

– Lunch at the mountain

– Drive to Sokobanja in late afternoon

– Dinner at the accommodation

– Free time to walk around Sokobanja in the evening

Day II

– Leave accommodation after breakfast, at 8am

– Hike at Lepterija picnic area and Soko Grad

– Bike around Sokobanja basin, by mountains Ozren and Rtanj

– Lunch in one of the villages on the way

– Finish in the afternoon and heading back to Belgrade

– Return to Belgrade in the evening


– Tour is designed for riders above beginners level, as we will bike around 20-30km and hike 10km on the first day and bike around 40km second day

– Hotel accommodation in one to four bed rooms

– All meals included (lunch and dinner on the first day and breakfast and lunch on the second day)

– Price is €195 per person, with 4 persons minimum

– Custom tours, private departures for groups and corporate events available. Just let us know!