Nera Beusnita (Romania)

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Project Description


Nera Beusnita National Park is a mountainous region in South-East Romania (close to the border with Serbia). With its beautiful cascades and waterfalls, it is considered as one of the most exciting places in Romania and the perfect destination for mountain biking in the wilderness. Further away from Bucharest and many other popular Carpathian places in Romania, this national park uses its remoteness to its advantage, better conserving its biodiversity and natural wonders, including its unique blue lakes and waterfalls.

We’ll depart Belgrade and drive about 2 hours to the Serbian village of Kaluđerovo, (a couple of km from the Romanian border). Here we’ll unpack the bikes and start our cycling, crossing the border into Romania and then going ‘off road’ from the village Petrilovo to the village Potoc. We’ll then pick up an asphalt road that takes us to the beginning of Nera Beusnita National Park, touring its beautiful cascades and waterfalls. Along the way we’ll see parts of ancient Roman roads and tunnels next to the Nera river.
Total bike ride is a total length of 55km, and is not suitable for beginners. It is not technical (ie. advanced bike skills are not required) however, due to the distance it is somewhat more physically demanding.


-This tour is full day and available every day, with with pick up time 8am and return 7pm

-Our bike guides will pick you up, take you to the location and drive you back

-Lunch at a restaurant is included

-Price is €84.80 per person

-Minimum number of riders required – 2

-As tour is in Romania (we will cross Serbia-Romania border on bikes) you need to bring your passport and make sure you have necessary visas or documentation to enter Romania (which is EU but not Schengen)

-Tour is designed for riders above beginners level, as we will ride around 55km with some uphill

-Custom tours, private departures for groups and corporate events available. Just let us know!