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Biking is our passion, so we promise to create an unforgettable biking experience you’ll enjoy and talk about

We are a team of experienced bikers and nature’s lovers. We’ve been mountain biking and road biking all across this beautiful country of Serbia for years and decades. On our trips we met all sorts of people, from all around the world, all skills type and all kinds of bikes, but we were united with one thing – fun and joy! Families have enjoyed leisurely tours, experts have pushed their limits and groups have bonded over this unique experience.

And one day we figured out – hey why don’t we create a customized portfolio of tours and share this magic across. With Serbia’s fascinating landscapes and cool and reliable bikes, all channeled through our experienced guides – we’ll give you all the ingredients for a perfect mountain bike adventure!

Founded in 2017, our company is still young and growing, but with our passion and devotion to biking, we’ll deliver you great service and be your perfect partners!


Our experts are the architects of your bike tours. They have all biked extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your Bike Adventure.

Zoran Radosavljević

 GM & Founder

Bike Adventure Belgrade is owned and operated by Zoran Radosavljević, mountain and road biker, triathlete and outdoor enthusiast.

Working in the fast paced services industry, Zoran has gained valuable customer service experience. Maintaining his cycling passion at the same time, he has realized a glaring hole in the mountain bike adventure travel industry in Serbia and created Bike Adventure Belgrade to fill that gap.

Zoran believes that creating bike tours like he would do for his closest friends is a recipe for success.

Kiza & Mile

Chief Bike Guides

Kiza and Mile really make all of this happen! Each of them have accumulated decades and decades of biking experience, and after finishing their official careers – Kiza in railway transport and Mile in foreign affairs, can now fully devote to bike trips and helping you build your own experience on our tours.

They’ve both traveled around Europe extensively, not only on mountain bikes, but also on touring and road bikes, and are skillful with various equipment and different settings.

Fun Facts – Mile does more than 15,000 km of biking per year (which is really a lot).

Stefan Milić

Technical & Safety Consultant

Stefan Milić takes care about all our bikes and is a guy to thank to your bike is running so smooth and performing so well, as it is perfectly maintained.

He’s been fixin’ bikes for more than a decade at his bike shop and at Mountain Bike Club Cherokee, where he’s a founding member. He raced for a while, but then decided to turn to organizing bike tours and trips for others, in addition to bike repair and maintenance.

Plays double bass in his rockabilly band Boneshakers.


Radimo sa najboljima.  Ponosni smo na naše partner, sa kojima zajednički radimo kako bismo za vas obezbedili najbolju biciklističku avanturu.